IT Support RI is now a member of the Rhode Island Joint Cyber Task Force! Formerly known as the Cyber Disruption Team, the Rhode Island Joint Cyber Task Force (RIJCTF) was formed in 2009 to respond to threats and protect the state’s cyber infrastructure. The Task Force is the state’s primary cybersecurity incident response team. They work to monitor and prevent cyber disruptions caused by natural hazards and widespread virus or cyber-attacks.

As a member, we will work closely with the Rhode Island Joint Cyber Task Force to identify, assess and mitigate cyber security risks. This open dialogue between

Rhode Island Joint Cyber Task Force

government and private business allows information and cyber intelligence to be shared easily. By uniting law enforcement, cyber security experts, the business community, and educational institutions, we can “secure the technology upon which the state’s critical infrastructure relies.” Consequently, this increases everyone’s ability to see threats, better understand them, and make proactive defenses against potential threats.

Some of the benefits of joining the Task Force include:

  • networking with cyber security experts from a variety of industries
  • learning how to identify vulnerabilities within an organization
  • receiving current information about safety and security issues
  • participating in quarterly meetings featuring guest speakers
  • having access to tools and resources to address cyber threats.


Led by the Rhode Island State Police, the RIJCTF unites members of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency, RI State Police’s Computer Crimes Unit, Rhode Island National Guard, and individuals representing state government, information technology, academia, healthcare, finance, utilities, and the defense industry. As we see an increase in town governments being targeted by hackers, it’s crucial that the Rhode Island Joint Cyber Task Force is ready to defend against threats.

The 2019 Rhode Island State Cybersecurity Strategy states that “the RIJCTF provides analysis and support before and during major cybersecurity incidents that affect critical infrastructure in Rhode Island and ensures continuity of services following an incident.” Now more than ever, the state police are improving ties with companies who are heavily invested in efforts to protect networks from cyber-attacks. Additionally, the Rhode Island Joint Cyber Task Force can “empower and leverage strong public-private partnerships…[which] will provide Rhode Island with an opportunity for continued growth and resilience, building the capacity needed to respond to major cyber incidents.”

About IT Support RI

At IT Support RI, we use a multi-level approach towards cyber security and preventive maintenance.

With technology and threats constantly changing, it’s crucial to have a solid cyber security plan in place. Cyber threats can affect your network, intellectual property, and proprietary data. Once you see how a lack of cyber security can harm your business, you can begin to protect it.

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