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Are all your files suddenly locked or encrypted?

Are you experiencing an urgent virus threat? Think of all the files and data your business has stored. Could your business continue if these files were destroyed? Could your business afford to pay the hacker’s ransom and possibly unlock everything?

We provide CryptoLocker removal services to companies in North Smithfield, RI. We also can help you prevent CryptoLocker from striking in the first place. Whether you need help removing CryptoLocker or you want to ensure you never get it again, contact us today so we can help you.

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What is CryptoLocker?

CryptoLocker is a type of malware that infects your computer and encrypts or locks your files, including everything on your hard drive and all connected media.

What does it do?

CryptoLocker Locks your files in an attempt to extort money from you. By paying the ransom within the time limit, you should receive the key to decipher and unlock your files.

How is it spread?

CryptoLocker is typically spread through email attachments. The attachments appear to be a legitimate *.doc or *.pdf, but are actually a hidden *.exe file that installs the malware on your computer.

Should you pay?

Paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee your files will be unlocked. If you know your backups are up to date and unaffected, you do not have to pay. If you’re not sure, or you don’t have enough time, you may have to pay.

See what our clients are saying

While attending a conference with my colleagues, I met Paul. We began talking and I expressed my concerns with my current tech support company. He offered to do an evaluation of my practice and I’m glad I took him up on that offer. During the evaluation, he pointed out many issues that my current IT guy was not addressing. My server was old and outdated, I had no backup system in place, no security for my network, and all my Nidek devices were not working together with Revolution EHR. Paul and his team also quickly realized that we were victims of the CryptoLocker virus (another thing my previous IT guy did not protect me from) and expressed how important backups are.

I went with Paul and his team at IT Support RI as my new IT company. I am happy my network is secure and I have the peace of mind that I have backups of all my important information. Everything that Paul pointed out in the original visit has now been corrected and is working the way it should. Lily Yeh

Owner, Emily Eye Care

When I first called IT Support RI, I was in dire need of help. I use wireless tracking to keep tabs on my livestock here at the farm. I had a surge and when my network went down, everything stopped. Paul came to my rescue and setup a new wireless network with a better range that reaches from my office to the barn. He also put in battery backups on all my PCs and network equipment in case this happened again.

Since then, I have had my systems upgraded and expanded my farm. Paul’s team has been with me each step of the way. If there is anything “techy” that I need, I know who to call. They are so fast to fix my computers and extremely helpful with any questions I have. I have never had a service provider care so much about the health of my business. With all the new security threats out there, I know my network is in good hands. Elizabeth Dulude

Office Administrator, Wright's Dairy Farm

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