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2 weeks ago

IT Support RI

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3 weeks ago

IT Support RI

Some of our team attended the ConnectWise Nor’easters User Group Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island! These one-day regional events are held by ConnectWise once every quarter. We love getting a chance to network with others MSPs, hear about new content and products, discuss challenges, and share ideas and advice.

We’re ready to implement some of the new things we learned!
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Should You Let Your Browser Store Your Passwords?

Each website you visit should have its own, unique password. The average person has at least 10 online accounts—that means you could have 10 or more different login credentials! With all the passwords we must remember, any shortcut or way to simplify the log in...

Rewards Don’t Motivate Employees

It’s old school thinking—if you want your employees to be more motivated, put a carrot in front of them. The logic goes like this: "I have a reward for you. But you can’t have this great gift until you do X, Y, and Z. Only once you achieve the results I expect, you...