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Are you frustrated by the IT guy who doesn’t call you back?

Is your IT technician familiar with HIPAA Compliance? Do they support your EMR?

Did you know that we’re HIPAA certified and we know what most optometrists need?

Why Do Optometrists Choose Us?

Familiar with Your Industry's Hardware/Software
We service many optometrists that use the same hardware and software you use! Our team is familiar with Zeiss, Compulink, Eyefinity, TopCon, and much more. We also attend trade shows specific to your industry to keep up to date on what makes YOUR business run!
HIPAA Certified Technicians
Navigating the waters of HIPAA compliance can be tricky for even the most experienced compliance officer. We provide monthly reporting and assist in annual audits to make your job easier. Plus, our entire staff is HIPAA certified, so you can rest assured that every recommendation we make has HIPAA in mind.

Visit our HIPAA Compliance RI page to learn more about being compliant.

Onsites Included
Unlike most IT companies that charge you when a technician goes onsite, we won’t charge you! With our plan, you won’t pay extra when a technician is dispatched to your location.
Local Team, Never Outsourced
Many IT businesses only have a few local technicians on staff. That means you might be transferred to their “outsourced” HelpDesk team….in India. We believe in supporting our local economy! That is why we employ and dispatch local technicians. Our team utilizes technology to focus on computer tech support for clients all over Rhode Island, southern Massachusetts, and eastern Connecticut.
All Inclusive Support
Our service plans include remote and onsite support at no additional charge. This way, you can budget your IT expenses easily without having to worry about being charged for each separate service call.

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Nick Bernfeld happened to come into our office for an eye exam. While he was there he discovered we were having issues with our server. It had been down for almost two weeks causing us severe difficulties. Nick immediately showed his concern for our business and let us know he owned his own IT service company and offered to help us out. Nick assured us he could have us back up and running in 48 hours and was genuinely concerned about the welfare of our office.

Nick and his team came in our office and true to his word we were quickly up and running. Then he reviewed our entire operation and formulated a plan for our needs. He prioritized them so we could systematically improve our entire system.  Now I don’t worry about proper backups, hardware or software issues, virus and malware protection or compliance with new government regulations. They are on top of it.

I was (and still am) impressed by the level of care IT Support RI provides.  How quickly they learn the software we have that is specific to eye care. They have become an essential partner to us and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who needs IT services.  They respond quickly and fix the problem the first time.  We have now used Nick and his team for four years. We consistently experience an outstanding level of service and dedication from Nick and his entire team no matter how big or small the problem is. I could not recommend a better IT support company.

Jim Boccuzzi

Founder, O.D. and F.A.A.O., Killingly Eye Care

Cloud Backup

Online cloud backups keep your precious data safe, by sending it to our off-site servers. We can back up everything from disks to entire servers, and recover anything you need, including files, folders, applications, or even an entire system, quickly and easily. Using a local and offsite backup method is key to it’s success.

New Server Installs

Your server is the heart of your network, and it needs love and care. We can install new servers, and migrate from an old server to a new one, without affecting your day-to-day running. We even offer after-hours installation and migration.

Cloud Antivirus

Cloud-based antivirus protection offers convenience thanks to centralized management, simpler deployments, and less reliance on your hard-working team. Our solutions let you browse and work online without having to worry about the dangers that await the unwary.

Ready To Get Your IT Under Control?

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See what other Optometrists in Southern New England are saying about us…

I called IT Support RI back in 2012 when my server crashed and my business was dead in the water. I had a tech guy I used to call but he was only one man and was not able to keep up with my IT needs. He built my server but when it crashed, he was unable to get it working again. When I called IT Support RI and told them my situation, they sent a tech out immediately. They came out and was able to get my server up and running without losing any data. However, parts were failing and they let me know that it was not built to handle what my business truly needed.

Paul and his team custom built a server for my business and expedited the install date. This gave me the peace of mind I needed because I did not want to continue running OfficeMate and the rest of my business off of a failing piece of equipment. After the new server was installed, they verified my software was working and everything was good to go. Since then, I have continued to use IT Support RI for my computer maintenance and repairs. The entire crew there is always so helpful and attentive to my needs.

Hope Marandola

Owner and O.D, Plainfield Vision Care Center, Central Village, CT

I was referred to IT Support RI by a good friend of mine. She has used them for years and when I mentioned I was having network issues, she recommended I get in touch with them. My network was a mess and my business was suffering greatly. I had worked with a previous tech company that did not treat me with respect or even seemed to care about my issues. After contacting IT Support RI they quickly setup an appointment to check out my network. Nick, PJ and Leo came out to my office and proceeded to address my issues as they arose.

My previous tech guy did not set me up right and it took a lot to get me back on the right track. IT Support RI worked with my software company and did everything they could to repair everything as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Now, my business is able to run and anytime I have an issue, IT Support RI is quick to respond and begin working on my issues. I know there are other tech companies out there but when it comes to quality and speed, IT Support RI has proven they are the better choice than the rest of the choices around.

Jacqueline Boisvert

Owner and O.D, Rhode Eyeland, North Kingstown, RI

I met Paul and Nick back at the Lincoln Mall. We were neighbors there for a short while and we worked with them then. When we moved to our new location, I was told that this IT guy from Virginia was the guy to call to get setup with my new EHR software. I hired him and he did what he needed to in the beginning. Then, he kind of disappeared, we didn’t know where he went. When this guy fell off the radar, I told my internal IT guy to give Paul a call to see what he could do to keep us going as far as our computers went.

We got fully onboard and they continue to do a great job. They are there when we need them and they come right out if there is an issue to take care of it. I’ve been really happy with them. IT Support RI is very progressive. They know what is going on in the healthcare field and they know what I need to do to keep me from getting fines from the ‘HIPAA Police’. I trust them to keep us on track and to keep us out of trouble.

John Pugliese

Owner of Pugliese Family Eye Care, Pugliese Family Eye Care, Smithfield, RI

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If you’re still not sure or you want to learn more, visit HIPAA Compliance RI or request our HIPAA Guide! Understanding HIPAA regulations is as confusing as you would expect because the government wrote it! This guide is written in an easy-to-understand style – so that optometrists and compliance officers can implement these things quickly and easily. You will learn:

  • 8 requirements that every medical practice MUST adhere to
  • A simple definition on what a Business Associates Agreement is, and which vendors you need this for
  • How the government is gearing up to hurt small businesses like yours, and how to protect against that threat
  • How to access the “HIPAA Breach List”, and what you can do to stay off it
  • A few simple ways you can meet the requirements for “staff privacy and security training”

The consequences of not being compliant can be severe —anything from significant fines to even more serious ramifications that could potentially bring down your entire company. At IT Support RI, we specialize in helping eye care practices make sense of their IT and get systems that work for them. We understand that you have far better things to do than troubleshooting problematic technology. You probably want to release yourself from computer management responsibilities altogether, and instead get back to your patients. Whether or not you’re ready to make the switch to IT Support RI, we would like to help you keep your business fully HIPAA-compliant, and that’s why we’re offering you a FREE copy of this no-nonsense guide to stay in tune with regulations.

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Why Choose Us?

4 Big Reasons Why Businesses In Rhode Island Outsource Their Computer IT Support To Us


15 Minute Guarantee

We will have a qualified technician assigned to your IT problem within 15 minutes or less, GUARANTEED. This is very important for other optometrists we provide support to. You can submit an issue to us via chat, email, or just give us a call!

Professional Team

Many IT businesses only have a few technicians on staff, which means you might be left waiting for hours or even DAYS to get your computer problems resolved because they’re short staffed or too busy trying to serve all their clients.

Locally Operated

Our staff is located in North Smithfield, RI. We don’t outsource our IT overseas like a lot of our competition. We can remote into your computer in minutes or onsite well within an hour.


Are your concerned your staff is not being productive? Instead of working they are checking Facebook and watching YouTube videos? Our productivity software can keep you informed and your staff focused on work-related tasks.

About Us

IT Support RI is one of Rhode Island’s most respected IT and consultation companies, and we pride ourselves on not just being experts in our field, but also on the dedication we show to our clients and the rapid time frame in which we respond to and resolve their IT issues. Our team loves all things IT, and everyone within our business has a passion for technology, which reflects in our work and service.

IT Support RI currently services medical practices but focuses mainly on optometrists. We offer managed IT maintenance, anti-virus protection, data backup plans (including local and cloud backups), new hardware including desktops, laptops and networking equipment, and flat-rate service plans to all of our clients. Standing behind all of our work and, in the rare event that a client is unhappy, we work with them to come to a solution that works for both parties.

As a company, we try to enrich the lives of not only our clients and employees, but also our community. This is why we participate in worthy causes, such as Connecting for Children and Families’ “Make Tracks for Kids”, a 5K race to raise money for Woonsocket families as well as donations to local charities like “Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State”.

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