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Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Does your business have a plan in the event of cyberattack, fire, or another kind of threat? You may need business continuity planning, which involves preparing for any type of event that can disrupt technological systems or other significant operations. Creating a disaster recovery (DR) plan is an important aspect of that preparation.

Importance of a disaster recovery plan

The main advantage of a disaster recovery plan is prevention of interruptions in order to limit costs to a business. Organizations create a contingency plan to ensure that critical business operations persist and to efficiently restore other impacted operations.

A disaster recovery plan outlines how to back up data during a data loss event such as a cyberattack and establish security safeguards to protect sensitive business information from being accessed by unauthorized parties. Accounting for such scenarios keeps your business from being caught off guard and ensures it’s ready to act.

Types of disaster recovery plans

Among the different types of DR solutions available, consider which of the four types of plans may best suit the needs of your business.

1. Data center disaster recovery

With a data center disaster recovery plan, the entire facility is designed to ensure maximum protection and operational readiness, including physical building security. However, one serious threat is a major natural disaster that can destroy servers stored on-premises. Utilizing a data center for business continuity planning can also be expensive.

2. Cloud-based disaster recovery

A cloud provider can offer a cheaper alternative for disaster recovery services. Records stored in the cloud are also securely managed by an external provider, freeing up internal resources for other aspects of information security and preparedness.

3. Virtualization disaster recovery

Rather than relying on physical servers, a virtualization disaster recovery plan can lead to much faster recovery times. Virtual servers can be easily restored if the proper infrastructure is in place, allowing for more flexible recovery options.

4. Disaster recovery as a service

An increasing trend is for organizations to completely outsource major technological business continuity tasks to a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider. Network monitoring, immediate failover and fast disaster response are some benefits of this type of disaster recovery plan, although it’s important to understand exactly which vendor is providing DRaaS services.

Tips for creating a disaster recovery plan

In order to maximize preparedness, a disaster recovery plan should be comprehensive and include some of the following tasks:

  • Assign specific responsibilities to each staff member to complete during a disaster.
  • Develop a list of priorities and dependencies describing what needs to be fixed first.
  • Determine an alternative location for operations during a disaster event.
  • Establish manual processes for use until the network is fully functional and restored.

Working with a managed service provider to develop a business continuity strategy and understand crucial vulnerabilities is also a smart way to prepare for disaster recovery.

IT Support RI can guide your disaster recovery plan and manage the most important aspects of business continuity planning. Contact us today to learn more.


I want to take this opportunity to thank IT Support RI for allowing Leo and JT to work with me on the NIST/CMMC project. They have done yeoman’s work and have been an invaluable asset to this project… not even mentioning the burden they have taken off of my shoulders. Yesterday’s 8-hour NIST Assessment audit was a good example of their professionalism, expertise, tireless efforts, and focus on “what’s best for the customer”. The auditor has mentioned to me, on a few occasions, how impressed he is with “my team” (which includes Leo and JT), how knowledgeable my team is regarding the new cybersecurity protocols and government flow down requirements, and how far ahead we are of our competition.

I hope the work done on this project provides an opportunity for IT Support RI to grow its own customer base, as they are becoming true experts in this growing cybersecurity space.

Liora K Stone

President, Precision Engineering Inc.

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We assign your company a dedicated IT consultant. This way you have someone that knows your IT needs inside and out.

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