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IT Support RI is your trusted local company for insurance provider IT support and IT services for insurance companies and agencies in the North Smithfield, RI area. Our team has years of experience troubleshooting a variety of insurance IT support issues and our certified professionals are qualified to proactively and skillfully resolve these issues.

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    Technology solutions for your insurance business success

    If you’re like many insurance companies, deploying and maintaining your technology and protecting your critical and sensitive business information is an ongoing challenge, especially with the ever-changing compliance requirements and evolving complexities of the insurance business.

    Whether you’re looking to budget your IT costs more effectively, avoid unexpected disruptions due to IT issues, leverage the latest technology to streamline operations, plan for business continuity, or tighten up your compliance controls, we have a solution for you.

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    Start focusing on your business, not your IT problems.

    Since 2002, we have supported a number of insurance companies and agencies, so we understand the IT challenges owners and managers face every day. We have the resources and expertise to offer highly effective strategies and solutions for almost any size budget. By resolving your ongoing IT issues that can inhibit productivity and impact customer satisfaction, you’ll be allowed to focus your time and team on their core roles and the objectives of the business.

    IT Support RI offers a wide range of IT products and support services to meet the needs of insurance businesses. Our areas of specialties include:

    Reliable IT server and network management

    Servers and network devices have been the mainstay of computing for many years. A May 2020 report by ZDNet indicates that despite growing interest in the cloud, 63% of SMBs use internal servers, either on-premises or in remote data centers, and 40% plan to purchase additional servers soon. 

    Supporting your IT systems and communications networks is the core of our managed services platform. You can count on us to provide competent 24/7 management of your internal equipment racks, towers, data centers and infrastructure. 

    Flexible help desk support

    Whether your small business has fewer than 10 or more than 100 users, supporting them is critical to ensuring your IT assets are being used correctly to foster staff satisfaction and enhance productivity.

    As part of our insurance IT support services, our well-trained help desk techs employ modern service management software and procedures to efficiently address user requests. We use the latest versions of sophisticated technology to help quickly address user issues without waiting for human intervention. We guide users to resolve common issues smoothly and quickly.

    Outsourcing your help desk is not just a cost-saving strategy, but with our highly trained techs and efficient systems, you can expect increased expertise and faster response times.

    Smartphone and mobile app integration

    Smartphone and tablet adoption have virtually exploded since Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007. Billions of users worldwide now have at least one smart device, with many using both employee-owned and company-owned devices for work.

    Our insurance IT support experts can help you develop and implement an optimal strategy for your business, one that considers productivity, cost, security, and your business and users’ needs.

    Server and application virtualization

    Virtualization is a technology used for many years by larger organizations to drive more efficiencies from their IT investments. Essentially, virtualization uses special software to convert a single physical server into multiple virtual machines (VMs). This configures the server to perform many tasks concurrently, and because today’s computers are so fast, the processes appear to be occurring simultaneously. With more recent software innovations, this technology is now available for smaller insurance companies and agencies.

    VMs can be set up and configured quickly and can be reconfigured or shut down equally promptly when no longer needed.

    While technologies exist to virtualize most of today’s servers, your best approach may be to consider cloud-based solutions that allow you to lease preconfigured virtual servers, applications, databases, security and more on demand.

    Cloud migration strategy and implementation

    It’s hard to find anyone who doubts the cloud is here to stay. In January 2020, Information Age reported on the top 10 benefits of cloud computing, concluding that many companies are jumping on board because the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages and it is now much easier to move to the cloud – making it more practical and attainable for smaller insurance companies and agencies.

    Many companies start with a hybrid approach. They move a few services, like email and office applications, to the cloud and leave their main production apps in-house until later.

    Our SMB cloud experts can help you select a cloud strategy that’s right for your insurance business and provide ongoing IT support services that bolster your implementation team every step of the way.

    Cybersecurity and data privacy

    Growing security challenges are crucial factors in every aspect of today’s business. Malware, phishing and ransomware attacks are producing huge yearly increases in the number of data and privacy breaches, with the majority affecting small and medium-sized businesses.

    Your security program should not only employ strong technical controls but maintain a continuous program to educate users and reinforce the need for good security hygiene among staff, contractors, third-party suppliers and business associates.

    Our security experts can help you analyze your security risks and craft a comprehensive, multifaceted defense against cybercriminals.

    Our Insurance IT Support services also include:

    • Compliance services – we continually monitor the regulatory landscape for the insurance industry, and ensure that your systems are up to date and effective at keeping your business in compliance.
    • Consulting Services – you can count on our guidance and up-to-the-minute expertise
    • Phone Systems – utilize your existing internet and save money on phone service
    • Desktop PC and Laptop Hardware Support – get immediate expert support with less downtime
    • Remote User Access – access your network from anywhere, anytime
    • And so much more.  

    You can count on IT Support RI for your insurance provider IT support needs

    Our insurance company and insurance agency IT support and IT services bring you powerful and flexible technology solutions that deliver the reliability, performance compliance levels you need to be successful. When you partner with us, your IT will work for you, not the other way around. Contact us today!

    Security Oriented

    Our company is security oriented with all technicians required to pass annual background checks and maintain HIPAA certifications. Every backup we setup is encrypted, both locally and in the cloud. We help our clients incorporate safe practices within their business by providing Acceptable Use Policy (AUPs) templates. Also, we educate clients on why such measures are needed to keep them (and their business) safe.

    Dedicated Professionals

    All our clients not only receive support from an entire team of professionals but also their own “Account Manager”. This person is their direct contact for special requests, questions, and projects. Our focus is quality support with a personal touch.

    Rapid Response

    Stop waiting days (or even weeks) to get in touch with someone. We are available during normal business hours or on call for emergency service if needed. Our team consists of all local technicians in the US, so no more calls overseas. We can solve your issues remotely, over the phone, or onsite.

    We love working with everyone at IT Support RI! Before, I never had the confidence before to get rid of any files documents. I refused to scan any documents or throw anything away because I never trusted the back ups would actually work. Now, I sleep better knowing that I don’t have to worry. If something happens, I know I can give you a call and I’ll be up and running in no time. I feel so good now about everything. It’s changed the way we can run the office.

    Denise Smith

    President & Owner, Smith Insurance Group

    Before I purchased my latest agency, I already had an IT firm, but they focused more on band-aid fixes. This agency had a contract with IT Support RI, and while the cost was more than my previous IT company, I realized they had the capacity to take us on and help us grow. I’ve worked with several different IT firms over the years, but the 3 reasons IT Support RI stands out compared to other companies is their honesty, quickness, and reliability. When there’s an issue, there’s a plan to fix the issue, but also to prevent it from occurring again.

    Ken Thompson

    Owner, Lezaola Thompson Insurance

    About Our Team

    IT Support RI is an IT service and consultation company that focuses on quality support with a personal touch. What makes us different is that we pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and the rapid response time in which we resolve their IT issues. We firmly believe in preventing IT problems and solving them quickly should they arise. We love all things IT and everyone within our business has a passion for technology, which reflects in our work and service.