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IT Support RI is your trusted, local provider of EHR / EMR (electronic healthcare records/electronic medical records) software implementation support and consulting services in the Providence, RI area. When you partner with us, you will receive quality EHR / EMR consulting services to learn how the software can benefit your practice, and expert support and assistance to make your implementation go flawlessly.

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The importance of EHR / EMR software in your practice

As a healthcare provider, you are busy helping your patients while making sure their medical data stays safe and organized. Relying on paper records or even unorganized digital records can cost you time and money. You can’t effectively provide care to your patients if you have to gather their data. Rather, you need it at your fingertips.

Another consideration is staying HIPAA compliant. Your patient data must stay protected, and this becomes more difficult if it is not properly organized. Our EHR/EMR solution can help you stay organized.

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An EHR / EMR system offers essential efficiency improvements

With an established EHR / EMR system, your medical practice can achieve significant benefits, and we can help you maximize them with EHR / EMR software implementation and support: 

  • Customizable patient visits: With the option to customize templates, time with your patients can be better spent. 
  • Actionable data: Lab orders and results can be put directly in the patient’s chart. 
  • Clinical data sharing: You can easily provide data to other medical groups for research all while staying compliant. 
  • Electronic referrals: You can manage paper referrals seamlessly and efficiently. 
  • Mobile connectivity: Your offices can leverage tablets or other mobile devices to serve your patients and carry out your mission. Patients can also access their health records through an online portal and check-in with ease.

Benefits of partnering with IT Support RI

Moving to a new technology solution costs time and money. This is in addition to getting it right, which can also be challenging. Partnering with a third party to take care of the planning and execution for you takes the weight off your shoulders. We have experts who will analyze your data to take the existing system to the next level. We make sure your data is organized and secure.

In fact, we not only get you going, but we also offer continued support and can manage any updates to your system. We are a one-stop shop for all your EHR / EMR needs. All you need from your staff is to enter new patient data going forward.

Why IT Support RI for EHR / EMR software implementation and support?

We have years of experience helping our clients organize their data and leverage quality solutions that help them and their customers. We have the expert knowledge to take your business needs from an idea to reality. Our specialists can quickly determine the best plan for your practice. And once you are set up, we can continue managing your data and keeping your systems up to date.

In Providence, RI, rely on IT Support RI for electronic healthcare records/electronic medical records software solutions. When you partner with us, you can take advantage of expert support and implementation services to ensure your practice is moving as efficiently as possible.

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Security Oriented

Our company is security oriented with all technicians required to pass annual background checks and maintain HIPAA certifications. Every backup we setup is encrypted, both locally and in the cloud. We help our clients incorporate safe practices within their business by providing Acceptable Use Policy (AUPs) templates. Also, we educate clients on why such measures are needed to keep them (and their business) safe.

Dedicated Professionals

All our clients not only receive support from an entire team of professionals but also their own “Account Manager”. This person is their direct contact for special requests, questions, and projects. Our focus is quality support with a personal touch.

Rapid Response

Stop waiting days (or even weeks) to get in touch with someone. We are available during normal business hours or on call for emergency service if needed. Our team consists of all local technicians in the US, so no more calls overseas. We can solve your issues remotely, over the phone, or onsite.

When we were moving forward into the technological era with our practice, we invested in our EHR and needed to partner with an IT company. Not only a company to get computers from, but one to also manage the network and the new machines. We were looking for a local company that understood our specific needs, concerns and would be there for us if we needed help. After calling about a dozen companies and meeting with half of them, our final choice was IT Support RI. They understood what we needed right away and it was very clear Nick and Paul knew what they were talking about.

We never had this kind of a relationship with an outside group before. Having the ability to call and ask for a tech by name and get an immediate response was a huge deciding factor. Some of the doctors were worried about turning over that responsibility to someone else. We wanted the consistency of having someone that is going to know how to help, or if they can’t, they will figure it out and get back to you. It makes a big difference.

Kristin Poshkus

Partner, Women's Internal Medicine

About Our Team

IT Support RI is an IT service and consultation company that focuses on quality support with a personal touch. What makes us different is that we pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and the rapid response time in which we resolve their IT issues. We firmly believe in preventing IT problems and solving them quickly should they arise. We love all things IT and everyone within our business has a passion for technology, which reflects in our work and service.