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IT Support RI is your trusted, local provider of Windows 11 upgrade, migration and installation support services in the Smithfield, RI area. When you partner with us, you will get professional services to help your business upgrade to the newest version of the Microsoft operating system. Get it right the first time and avoid any obstacles by partnering with us.

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The basics of the Windows 11 operating system

Microsoft has announced that their newest version of Windows will arrive in late 2021. Windows 11 hopes to offer a new interface to increase productivity, connect with other users, utilize customized content and so forth. Businesses have a lot to look forward to with Windows 11.

Newer operating systems offer all the latest features, and they offer more security and support compared to legacy systems. However, sometimes with new products, such as Windows 11, all the kinks have to be worked out as the system matures. This can leave inefficiencies and opportunities for hackers if the computer is not tuned right. Working with a seasoned consulting firm like us can help you tweak your system to make it perfect for your business and the upgrade.

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What to consider for your Windows 11 upgrade

Upgrading an operating system is not as easy as clicking a few buttons. The new software may run on your existing hardware, but you need to confirm this is true. Here are a few considerations that we can help you address in preparation for Windows 11 implementation: 

  • Hardware compatibility – Sometimes the software is not compatible with your computer’s processor or other system components. Newer hardware may provide the opportunity to take full advantage of the new security features. We can run diagnostics on your current setup to see how well it will work. 
  • Trusted Platform Model (TPM) – You must make sure you have the right TPM so that Windows 11 can boot properly. The TPM is a chip that will not let Windows load if the right password is not entered. The good news is that most computers have a TPM that will be compatible with Windows 11. Our job is to help make sure nothing stands in the way of the upgrade. 
  • Privacy and security concerns  Windows 11 has certain security requirements to run properly – namely, license and user parameters. Furthermore, a new system may be vulnerable to attack, and security improvements are a must. We can help you identify gaps and address all requirements so you are best prepared for implementation. 
  • Compatibility with external systems and clients – You need to make sure you can continue working with those outside of your immediate business. Most computers run the mainstream applications that can translate between each other. However, our job is to find problems with older apps and make sure everything works smoothly. 
  • Migration of your existing business data – The last thing you want is to have a brand-new operating system with none of your data on it. Failing a data backup can set you back months. Let us help you save your business data during the upgrade. 

If your current computer systems don’t meet these requirements, you will have to wait until they are supported by Windows 11 and thus miss out on new productivity features. Otherwise, you will have to purchase new hardware (which may not be your first choice but may be worth the investment in the long run). We can evaluate your computers to help you make the right move.

    Benefits of partnering with IT Support RI for your Windows 11 upgrade

    We have performed many upgrades during previous Windows updates and have proven to be successful. By partnering with us, you can expect to receive the following benefits: 

    • Quality planning to make sure the transition is seamless – Upgrades will take place when it makes the most sense for your business. Usually, this means outside normal working hours so as not to disrupt your processes. We will plan the transition fully and in advance to avoid any delays. 
    • Timely results and a secure transition – Even when you have experts managing your project, there can still be unforeseen obstacles. We take all precautions to make sure updates don’t hinder your business. In the unlikely event that your computers don’t handle the upgrade well, we will have backup copies of your systems as a failsafe. 
    • Cost-effective support from start to finish – You don’t need to hire an entire project team and engineers. We have that covered. 

    Let us take care of all your upgrade needs. We can work with your existing IT staff or manage the Windows 11 upgrade entirely. 

    Why choose us? 

    Even small businesses require careful planning to make sure computer system updates don’t interrupt their operations. We come with years of experience in helping customers upgrade their technologies. We work to make sure the transition is smooth and efficient, and we offer ongoing services to make sure you are successful in the long run.

    IT Support RI is your trusted, local provider of operating system upgrades and migrations in the Smithfield, RI area. When you partner with us, you will get quality services to help your business move to the newest version of Windows. Contact us today to learn more about our Windows 11 upgrade services.

    Security Oriented

    Our company is security oriented with all technicians required to pass annual background checks and maintain certifications. Every backup we set up is encrypted, both locally and in the cloud. We help our clients incorporate safe practices within their business by providing Acceptable Use Policy (AUPs) templates. Also, we educate clients on why such measures are needed to keep them (and their business) safe.

    Dedicated Professionals

    All our clients not only receive support from an entire team of professionals but also their own “Account Manager”. This person is their direct contact for special requests, questions, and projects. Our focus is quality support with a personal touch.

    Rapid Response

    Stop waiting days (or even weeks) to get in touch with someone. We are available during normal business hours or on call for emergency service if needed. Our team consists of all local technicians in the US, so no more calls overseas. We can solve your issues remotely, over the phone, or onsite.

    We were impressed from the first moment they responded to our request for a proposal. They quickly familiarized themselves with our needs, software, layout, and demonstrated an immediate understanding of the challenges that we were facing.

    I’ve worked for various non-profit organizations, and IT always seems to be an area where we struggle because of resources we have available. Since we started working with IT Support RI, there’s never a blip in our services. They’re always right on target and they’re a pleasure to work with.

    Katje Afonseca

    Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State

    I met Nick and the IT Support RI team in 2011. I was in need of some IT organization and it was not something I could easily do alone. Nick and his techs came to my office and documented all the system specifications for each PC. They also numbered each computer and created a network map to correspond to my building layout and where every machine is located.

    As time went on, I began to use IT Support RI for more and more IT projects like creating backup solutions for my machinery, new workstations and servers, and recently, a long range wireless link between two of my buildings. They are familiar with my Amada setup and working with our Mietrak systems. I would recommend IT Support RI to any business in need of quality and personal IT support.

    Peter Stone

    Vice President, Precision Engineering Inc.

    About Our Team

    IT Support RI is an IT service and consultation company that focuses on quality support with a personal touch. What makes us different is that we pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and the rapid response time in which we resolve their IT issues. We firmly believe in preventing IT problems and solving them quickly should they arise. We love all things IT and everyone within our business has a passion for technology, which reflects in our work and service.