Backup Internet Service

If you’re like most businesses, you need the internet. Without it, chances are you can’t perform any of your daily operations. Don’t be at the mercy of a local internet outage, get a Backup Internet Service Provider (ISP). During an emergency situation, your business can run off of the Backup ISP until your main ISP is functional again. You can retain your clients, employees, and reputation by planning before disaster strikes. 

Our Backup ISP is cloud-based. What does this mean? It means that our backup ISP does not rely on the cable and fiber-optic lines running into the building. Our Backup ISP relies on the same satellites that our phones use for internet service.

Some benefits of having Backup Internet Service are:

  • Ability to run your business while your main ISP is being repaired
  • Avoid massive downtime
  • Avoid lost productivity

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Backup Internet Services