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Solutions for Productive Working From Home

Enabling  remote office technology  solutions can greatly pay off in times of major public safety and health  concerns.   Consider for example, major weather events that can make commuting unsafe or even impossible,  national security events such as 9/11, and more recently, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

These events can threaten not just employees’ health and safety, but also business continuity,  and have compelled many businesses to invest  in the technology to enable working remotely, whether at home, or on the go.   Determining the right IT solutions for remote work environments are crucial to maintaining productivity, and can even greatly enhance it.  

IT Support RI is the preferred local resource  in Blackstone, MA for remote office and home office technology.  You can count on us to ensure all the important bases are covered with our work from home solutions.  

 Start with reliable Internet connectivity

Most high-speed home Internet access is sufficient for handling typical daily business activities.  Many home WiFi routers, however, are  not optimized to deliver seamless coverage, especially if there are other users in the home consuming bandwith.   Remote employees should instead use an ethernet connection to ensure reliable performance.

Have the right collaboration tools

Our technicians can ensure that you are set up with the right collaboration tools, such as Office 365, VoIP and chat/video conferencing programs to enable project transparency and real-time collaboration. Today’s collaboration tools feature much more than the ability to message co-workers. They also allow sharing and joint work on documents, incorporate video conferencing, and customer communication.

Ensure effective security

If you are  considering remote work for your  employees, cybersecurity must be the top priority.  IT Support RI has extensive experience in implementing encryption, multi-factor authentication, user awareness training, email filtering, and firewalls for businesses incorporating work from home environments.   

Remote work using sophisticated home office technology has grown in popularity and may become the new normal in the wake of public health concerns, like the 2020 COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.  For more information on how to maximize productivity and minimize the risks with remote office technology solutions, contact us.

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