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Virtualization and the Hypervisor

Virtualization simplifies your business’ IT infrastructure while increasing efficiency. This allows you to run more applications with less hardware. Each application and operating system exist in a separate, isolated “container” called a virtual machine. A thin layer of software, known as a hypervisor, delivers computing resources (CPUs, RAM, disk drives, etc.) to each virtual machine. The hypervisor works to ensure that every application gets exactly what it needs for peak performance.

We provide Hyper V support and Hyper V consulting services to companies in Cumberland, RI. Our experienced team of Hyper V consultants can work with your organization to deploy, configure, and optimize your Microsoft Hyper V solution to your specific environment. Get in touch with our team today to learn more!

What is Hyper-V?

Hyper-V is a virtualization platform developed by Microsoft. Hyper-V helps manage a piece of hardware’s computing resources, allowing multiple operating systems and applications to run on one, physical server.

Why Does It Matter?

Hyper-V’s ability to virtualize computing environments allows multiple operating systems to run on one server. That server can now run at full capacity. Administrators can effectively and efficiently manage and consolidate resources.

Who Does It Affect?

All businesses, no matter the size, can increase their IT efficiency and application performance. Virtualization helps to reduce hardware count and lower overall IT maintenance costs.

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Testimonials From Current Clients Enjoying Microsoft’s Hyper-V

When I met Nick, I was in need of IT support and he needed an accountant. I had gone through 4 other IT providers and I made all the mistakes. I hired the guy that does it on the side, I had a friend help me out, and other companies that just didn’t have the time for me when I needed them most. My previous guy didn’t treat me as a partner, more like an invoice and I had had enough. When Nick and Paul came to my business, they checked out my setup, made their recommendation and spoke to me in plain English. I was done with the horror shows. I decided to go with IT Support RI. Now, I don’t worry about IT anymore. They keep up with my needs and have made me more efficient and productive. They set me up with Quad monitors in my office and their attention to detail is great. When my clients come in, they see both sides of my computer. With everything so neat and organized, right down to the wires, my clients are really wowed. Technology means a lot in my business and I know I can rely on them to keep me focused on my work and not worrying about my computers anymore.
Jonathan Ucran

Owner, Jonathan Ucran, CPA

A few years ago I called IT Support RI for a free onsite evaluation. They came in and were very professional. They checked our server, the network and all the computers we had. They gave us a quote for maintenance and their recommended upgrades to our office. We are a non-profit organization so the budget is always a high priority. We opted to go for a cheaper provider. After working with the alternative provider for about a year, we were fed up. We did not feel the technician we hired was qualified enough to manage our IT. This is when we reached out to IT Support RI again. They came back out and re-evaluated our network. They let us know what needed to be corrected and prioritized those needs based on urgency. Since then, we have relied on the business team of IT Support RI to take care of our technology while we focus on our operation. We have learned that when it comes to service and support, you get what you pay for and going cheaper is not the best option.
Terry Curtin

Executive Director, Connecting with Children and Families

A good friend of mine referred me to IT Support RI. She has used them for years and when I mentioned I was having network issues, she recommended I get in touch with them. My network was a mess and my business was suffering greatly. I had worked with a previous tech company that did not treat me with respect or even care about my issues. After contacting IT Support RI, they quickly setup an appointment to check out my network. Nick, PJ, and Leo came out to my office and addressed my issues as they arose. My previous tech guy did not set me up right and it took a lot to get me back on the right track. IT Support RI worked with my software company and did everything they could to repair everything as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Now, my business is able to run. Anytime I have an issue, they are quick to respond and begin working. I know there are other tech companies out there but when it comes to quality and speed, IT Support RI has proven they are the best choice around.
Jacqueline Boisvert

Owner and O.D, Rhode Eyeland

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