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When you outsource your IT, the benefits are endless! 

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Focus on Your Business

Outsourced IT services allows you to focus on core business operations, instead of dealing with the day-to-day hassle of computer or network problems.

Cost Savings

Outsourced IT support can reduce operating costs! With outsourced IT support, you pay a fixed rate every month, allowing you to budget accordingly.  


Access More Resources

Outsourcing your IT allows you to access a greater knowledge base. An outsourced IT company has dealt with a wide range of IT issues and can solve problems quickly. 


Increased Security

Outsourced IT support has more experience with cyber threats, hackers, and protecting sensitive data. They can dedicate more time to focusing on your cyber security.

Technology has become a trusted partner across daily business operations in today’s world. For most business models, all employees working for an organization utilize technology every day to get their jobs done on time. As tech advances at an accelerated rate enlisting in professional IT support can truly change the environment your business operates in. IT support affects all business processes from communication, collaboration, multi-device policies, productivity, growth, and security. Partnering with a trusted IT support company is an investment in your business today and in the future. We’ve worked with companies across a variety of verticals, business sizes, and experience levels. Whether you have an in-house IT team and need additional support or you need assistance with comprehensive IT support, we’ve been through it and we know how to help.

We provide outsourced IT support services to companies in the Killingly, CT area. Our outsourced IT services team can provide the support and troubleshooting your organization needs promptly and professionally.

Do you know what the “5 Most Common IT Mistakes” are?

The world of IT is constantly changing. Small and mid-sized businesses are put in the unique position of overseeing their own IT. However, for the average business owner, understanding and maintaining IT can be overwhelming. As a result, many businesses make the same 5 IT mistakes.

Examining these mistakes should help to:

  • increase awareness
  • improve the quality of your IT infrastructure in your office
  • protect your business from a preventable IT catastrophe

Are You Making These IT Mistakes?

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Testimonials From Current Clients Enjoying Our IT Support

I’ve been with IT Support RI since 2006, and I’ve stuck with them all these years for a reason. When we outsourced our IT, I wanted to stay involved in it, and I didn’t want to just hand it off to somebody. It’s nice having someone that comes in and works with me. They understand that I want to know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and be kept in the loop. We’ve created a seamless relationship and they’ve become an extension of the business. I’ve never had a need to look anywhere else for IT help.

Marc Pincince

President & CEO, Nation Wide Construction Corporation

I started working with Paul and Nick in 2011. Originally, we were in need of some wireless in the building. With our warehouse and offices all in need of interconnecting, we needed the help of some professionals. After they set us up with our new equipment, we could use wireless devices in the warehouse which gave us more flexibility. Now, we put computers in the warehouse floor and use wireless devices for inventory control.

We initially used the IT Support RI crew as our “go-to” guys for any tech problem on demand, because the entire team is up on the technology. Now, they manage my entire business network continuously and provide the advice I need to move my business technology forward. I didn’t want a person here that is devoted to [my IT], I wanted to outsource it, and having IT Support RI is perfect.

George Celorier

President, Heat-Flo

Start focusing on your business, not your IT problems.

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