At the beginning of 2016, SNECS invested in its newest location. Located in North Smithfield, this building is the home of our business department. The entire team has put in the manual labor needed to rebuild it and make it our home. With this expanded space, the crew has room to grow with over a dozen offices, conference room, project areas, and even a lounge. Here, the team can work on projects, meet with business clients and relax after a hard day’s work.

See where your IT support comes from, join us at our Open House Event on December 1st. See how we use Smart Technology like Amazon Echo, Wink and the Internet of Things to make our office more high-tech. Check out our high-quality desks and shelves we made with a little time, carpentry and low-cost materials.

So, stop by, say “Hi”, and enjoy some light appetizers and drinks with us! You don’t have to stay the whole night, but we would love to have you by.

Server Room
Paul Office