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Are you experiencing an urgent server issue? Your business relies on certain systems and information to run, and your server is the heart of your network.  When your server goes down, your business comes to a screeching halt. Your whole company could be severely crippled until the server is restored!

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Top 4 Reasons Servers Crash


Overheating can hinder the server’s ability to function, which can lead to internal damage and ultimately cause crashes.

Hardware Failure

Servers are computers, and inevitably stop working. Components like disk drives can fail without warning and cause the entire system to crash.

Software Failure

There could be a software failure within the operating system or there could be bugs in the server software itself that lead to errors and system overloads.


As with all computers, servers are susceptible to the constant threat of viruses. A virus could corrupt or delete your data in your databases or on your hard drives.

Check out how we helped some of our clients with their servers!

Nick Bernfeld happened to come into our office for an eye exam. While he was there he discovered we were having issues with our server. It had been down for almost two weeks causing us severe difficulties. Nick immediately showed his concern for our business and let us know he owned his own IT service company and offered to help us out. Nick assured us he could have us back up and running in 48 hours and was genuinely concerned about the welfare of our office.

Nick and his team came in our office and true to his word we were quickly up and running. Then he reviewed our entire operation and formulated a plan for our needs. He prioritized them so we could systematically improve our entire system.  Now I don’t worry about proper backups, hardware or software issues, virus and malware protection or compliance with new government regulations. They are on top of it.

I was (and still am) impressed by the level of care IT Support RI provides.  How quickly they learn the software we have that is specific to eye care. They have become an essential partner to us and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who needs IT services.  They respond quickly and fix the problem the first time.  We have now used Nick and his team for four years. We consistently experience an outstanding level of service and dedication from Nick and his entire team no matter how big or small the problem is. I could not recommend a better IT support company.

Jim Boccuzzi

Founder, O.D. and F.A.A.O., Killingly Eye Care

Nick and his team have been working with us since 2009. We called them in to save the data from our server and create a backup plan for our database. After the first service call, we found that the offered other support options. I could call them and have them fix my computer through their remote service software. At that time, I would call for help with general issues like viruses and trouble with PeachTree.

Over the years, my business has grown and IT Support RI has helped me each step of the way. I now use them for new computers, network maintenance and any tech related issue. Because they are local, I get rapid responses to my questions and immediate service when I call or email. They have worked on my issues late at night so I could work uninterrupted during the day and came in early when I was in dire need. They go above and beyond any other tech company I have ever worked with.

Don Fox

President, Alashan Cashmere

I called IT Support RI back in 2012 when my server crashed and my business was dead in the water. I had a tech guy I used to call but he was only one man and was not able to keep up with my IT needs. He built my server but when it crashed, he was unable to get it working again. When I called IT Support RI and told them my situation, they sent a tech out immediately. They came out and were able to get my server up and running without losing any data. However, parts were failing and they let me know that it was not built to handle what my business truly needed.

Paul and his team custom built a server for my business and expedited the install date. This gave me the peace of mind I needed because I did not want to continue running OfficeMate and the rest of my business off of a failing piece of equipment. After the new server was installed, they verified my software was working and everything was good to go. Since then, I have continued to use IT Support RI for my computer maintenance and repairs. The entire team is always so helpful and attentive to my needs.

Hope Marandola

Owner and O.D, Plainfield Vision Care Center

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