Virtualization simplifies your IT infrastructure, so you can do more with less.

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What Is It?

Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual computer system that simulates a piece of hardware, an operating system, or a storage device. Virtualization allows your devices (such as a server) to run at full capacity.

How Does It Work?

Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems on one, physical machine. Each app “lives” in a separate software container called a virtual machine. Each application gets exactly what it needs for peak performance.


Why Virtualize?

Because your devices are running at full capacity, you don’t need as many. This allows you to save money, energy, and space. Virtualization can help you cater to your business’ specific needs!


Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization allows you to decrease your hardware count, overhead, and maintenance costs while greatly improving application performance.


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Testimonials From Current Clients Enjoying Virtualization

We realized the tech we had for many years was no longer enough to support the computers and network at all my locations. I was very happy with him but he was one man trying to do it all. When I had multiple locations having tech issues at the same time, he couldn’t be in two places at once. He also was not properly trained in IT. He was someone that worked in my business and knew enough to get us by when there was an issue. After a few Google searches, I found IT Support RI. I called and scheduled an onsite evaluation. They met with me and checked out all my stores. I was so impressed with the professionalism and considerate attitude of Paul, Nick and the team that I decided to take them on. They worked with my tech guy to transition into their maintenance plan.

When it came time to clean, update, reprogram and reconfigure the registers, networks and servers at all my stores, a team of six techs, including Nick and Paul were on call and ready to work. They worked with us to do it after our stores closed to avoid any business downtime. As we transitioned to a new Point of Sales software, they worked with our new software vendor. Any speed bump I have run into with technology, I have had IT Support RI there to take control and get me out of a jam. I have never met such a team of eager and enthusiastic individuals. I know how to run my business and they know how to run my technology. I personally recommend that any business looking to get their IT under control to contact IT Support RI.

Chris Gasbarro

Owner, Chris Gasbarro's Fine Wine and Spirits

Nick and his team have been working with us since 2009. We called them in to save the data from our server and create a backup plan for our database. After the first service call, we found that the offered other support options. I could call them and have them fix my computer through their remote service software. At that time, I would call for help with general issues like viruses and trouble with PeachTree.

Over the years, my business has grown and IT Support RI has helped me each step of the way. I now use them for new computers, network maintenance and any tech related issue. Because they are local, I get rapid responses to my questions and immediate service when I call or email. They have worked on my issues late at night so I could work uninterrupted during the day and came in early when I was in dire need. They go above and beyond any other tech company I have ever worked with.

Don Fox

President, Alashan Cashmere

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