Located in Providence, RI, the team at Advanced Dental Care will give you the best care around. In a sea of five wonderful staff members, only dentist Dr. Carlsten likes to think he’s the head honcho of the practice. While he has a great sense of humor, that’s not the reason why we’re writing about him. Because he gives his patients plenty of reasons to smile, we’ve selected Dr. Carlsten as our Expert of the Month!

Dr. Carlsten established his practice in 1979, and his patients include everyone from “cradle to grave.” Advanced Dental Care brings about a certain level of trust and familiarity that families not only choose Dr. Carlsten, but they grow with him as well. In fact, Dr. Carlsten has been around long enough that he has generations of families as patients.

What gives Advanced Dental Care an advantage over other dentists? Dr. Carlsten believes his staff helps him to stand out! Everyone is so “warm, receptive, and personal” that they help to put patients at ease.  The entire staff provides hands-on treatment which is “gentle, meticulous, and really skilled.” Dr. Carlsten and his team work together to do what’s best for the patient.

As far as his services go, he does everything from tooth replacement to teeth whitening. What makes Dr. Carlsten different from most dentists? He does everything that “a general dentist would do, but not all general dentists do what [he] does.” He can perform specialty treatments, such as root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, and minor gum surgery.

When asked what he likes about working with us, Dr. Carlsten applauded our customer service. He believes that our “good ol’ customer service and skill are key.” He states that, “it’s essential to be available pretty much 24/7—and while I wouldn’t need you at midnight, I get the feeling that you’d be there if we needed you.”

The best way to contact Advanced Dental Care would be to give them a call at (401) 273-6780. However, Dr. Carlsten believes that the best way to contact him is “what’s best for the patients.” If you want, you can contact them through Facebook, email, or the website—whatever works best for you! If you would like to learn more about Advanced Dental Care, or to see a full list of their services, visit them online at www.advanceddentalcare.com.

Dr. Roger Carlsten
Advanced Dental Care