What do you get when you mix IT technicians, a lake, a few tubes, and a giant inflatable bubble? Why, you get the IT Support RI Annual Lake House Party! This is the most talked about and anticipated event of the year. Every year, the entire staff heads out to Echo Lake for a day full of fun.

This year, we had a beautiful Saturday afternoon to step away from the computers and onto the boat. We decided that it was “a-boat” time to have our staff party, kick back, and relax…sort of. There’s no better way to get an entire company to bond and have a great time than getting thrown off a tube and flung into the water!

Some of the more adventurous staff members hopped on a tube and held on for their lives. The rest of the staff cheered them on or laughed when they fell off. The giant bubble provided us with endless entertainment for the day. We discovered that the best way to use the bubble was to play some jet ski soccer!

Overall, it was an absolutely perfect day on the lake. We had a great time with great friends, and we can’t wait until next year!

“Water” your waiting for? Check out our video and some pictures!

Disclaimer: No technicians were harmed in the making of this video. Everyone returned to work in one piece on Monday.