Art is something we all have in common. We use it to decorate our space in a personal way, something that resonates with our own uniqueness. However, there is also a stigma associated with original artwork; that it is very expensive to own. Because of that, many people fear leaving their comfort zone when it comes to true art. That’s where Domenic and Robin Rignanese from Complements Art Gallery come in as our “Experts of the Month”! They are so passionate about art that their gallery is loaded from top to bottom, all with original art from some of the country’s best artists. They know how to match the right art to a person’s own space.

Complements Art Gallery has had their art featured multiple times in New England Home magazine for their keen eye on bringing a room together with specific pieces. Domenic has always been an art enthusiast. He would work with local artists, purchasing many pieces at once to get the piece he wanted and selling or gifting the rest. From this concept, “Complements Art Gallery” was born.

“We take that fear factor out of art because we make it fun. We purchase all the art upfront from each artist, and they can make a living. Now, since we own the piece, we have more options with our clients and can make it more affordable,” Domenic states. “Say they buy a piece and a month later, they aren’t happy with it; we can work with them and swap it out with something else that fits them better. You can’t do that with other traditional art galleries.” The fact that they treat their clients more like friends of the family makes the experience at Complements Art Gallery that much better. “People invite us into their homes, their extremely personal space, and we’ve ended up having dinner with them and their families afterwards,” Robin mentions. “We even have kids and the grandkids of our clients reaching out to us now.”

We asked the couple what they liked about us at IT Support RI. “You don’t make us feel stupid. There has never been an attitude problem. No matter who we work with, we have never felt like we were a bother to you. Our old IT company made us feel bad about asking for their help, and then they would nickel and dime us on every invoice,” Domenic said. “We are so thankful that we have you,” Robin added.

If you would like to schedule a visit to the gallery or invite Domenic and Robin to your home or office for an art experience, you can call or text them directly at 401-265-2977. You can also visit them online at For more information, you can email

Complements Art Gallery