No one likes to go to the doctor, but it’s something that needs to be done. Out of all the doctors, eye doctors have always been the “fun” one to visit—mostly because they don’t give any shots! If you’re looking for an eyecare practice that is welcoming and homey, or a place where you can almost feel the love in the office, then EyeSite RI is the perfect place for you!

EyeSite RI was founded in 2009 by Dr. Maria Jablonski and optician Linda Carpentier. Having previously worked together, the duo decided to open their own practice. When they opened the practice, they had one goal in mind; they wanted to treat their patients like they would treat their family members if they came in for a visit.

What makes them stand out from other eyecare practices? Here at EyeSite RI, you won’t be just another number. Maria and Linda didn’t want to be like other practices, where doctors don’t get to know their patients. They knew that they wanted to create a “family practice type of atmosphere,” while bringing back the personal touch to doctor office visits. These ladies know that “the best care happens when you get to know the patients.”

At EyeSite RI, they offer complete primary care, as well as full service of contact lenses. They do everything from your annual eye exam to emergency visits, and even small in-office procedures. If they can’t treat you, or you need the next level of care, they have a specialist they trust and readily recommend. Maria and Linda believe in the “continuity of care,” where the patients don’t leave their practice without having a proper plan of attack. When it comes to their eyecare and customer service, they go above and beyond to elevate their care to the next level.

When asked what they like about working with us, Maria and Linda agree that they don’t have any complaints! They like how easily they can contact us. Linda likes how we can give the results they need. She states that “If we have any problems, we know that we can count on you guys to fix it.” Maria believes that we stand out because when they call us, they get a person answering the phone. She respects the fact that “there is someone available, and if someone doesn’t answer the call, they’ll call back right away. Nobody likes [to call and] get a menu, then press the wrong button option. It’s huge being able to just be in contact with you.”

If you would like to learn more about EyeSite RI, visit their website or give them a call at (401) 943-4770. They’ll help you to see the difference.

Optician Linda Carpentier and Optometrist Maria Jablonski