In a world full of start-up businesses, only a handful of companies ever make it. Unfortunately, not many businesses that were created 20 years ago are still in operation. However, Heat-Flo, Inc. defeated these odds and recently celebrated 20 years in business—a huge milestone for any business, never mind for a start-up company! Because they’ve listened to their customers since the beginning, the team at Heat-Flo, Inc. is our new Expert of the Month!

Heat-Flo, Inc. is a full-service design and manufacturing firm dedicated to creating cost effective heating systems and storage tanks. President George Celorier founded Heat-Flo, Inc. in 1998. By trade, George is an engineer and has spent most of his career in manufacturing and product design roles in HVAC products. With smaller manufacturing companies like Heat-Flo, George realized that product specialization is key. Heat-Flo initially manufactured indirect water heaters but after receiving numerous customer requests for products, the company expanded.

George believes that “a lot of their product is customer service.” Office Manager Karen Nardone emphasizes that they listen to the customers. Home owners are becoming more involved in the selection process, and they want more say in which products they want. The staff at Heat-Flo is ready to educate consumers because as Karen says, “when it comes to the basement, you don’t know anything down there and it’s intimidating.”

Not only does the staff want to learn how their product is performing, but they’re constantly making improvements. At the end of the day, they want to “protect the product, make it more efficient for the home owner, and help home owners get more bang for their buck.”

When asked what they like best about working with us, Karen and George agree that they like how everything gets fixed promptly. Karen states that “whenever we have an issue you guys are extremely responsive.” George enjoys that our staff is “up on the technology.” He continues, saying, “I don’t want a person here that is devoted to [my IT], I want to outsource it. [Having your team] is perfect.”

Heat-Flo sells their products to wholesale supply companies only, meaning they do not sell directly to consumers. However, if you’re interested in a obtaining a Heat-Flo system, contact a contractor or HVAC installer. If you’d like to check out Heat-Flo’s selection of products, visit them at www.heat-flo.com.