Of all the senses, humans rely on sight the most. Our eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies. We can experience tremendous pain from just a grain of sand or express ourselves with tears of laughter. Taking care of your eyes is extremely important and whenever there is an issue, your local optometrist is ready to care for you. Dr. Jim Boccuzzi of Killingly Eye Care was inspired by his own optometrist at a young age to pursue a career in optometry. Now, years later, he owns his own practice and cares for his community, both in and out of the office. Because of this, Dr. Boccuzzi is our “Expert of the Month”!


Dr. Jim Boccuzzi

Dr. Boccuzzi graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelors in Biology. Later, he earned his Doctor of Optometry Degree from New England College. With such a passion in his field, he founded Killingly Eye Care in 1993 and has been active in multiple optometric associations and foundations. This includes educating fellow optometrists and promoting the value of proper eye exams to the community. With a keen focus on every aspect of his field, he has become one of the most prominent optometrists of New England.

We offer full optometric services from routine eye exams to glaucoma and dry eye care, removal of foreign bodies, Macular Degeneration, contact lenses and glasses, we offer the whole spectrum,” Dr. Boccuzzi explains. “What makes us different is we invest in the practice a lot. We always have cutting edge equipment. We also invest in our staff and I think that shows. They are well trained and are very good at what they do.” With over 30 years of experience from Dr. Boccuzzi alone, he and his fellow doctors have given the community of Danielson some of the best eye care around for the past three decades.

Dr. Boccuzzi mentioned what he liked about our team; “There are a number of things. You’re knowledgeable. Any member of your staff that comes out knows how to fix the problem. Then there’s the accessibility. If I call you guys, you’re either on the phone within minutes or someone is out here the same day. It makes me very comfortable knowing my instruments and medical records will be available at all times.”

You can get more information by visiting killinglyeyecare.com or reach out to them by calling 860-779-1588. If you are looking to become a patient, they are located at 25 Green Hollow Rd. in Danielson, CT.