Poor Leadership

James O’Toole, a professor and leadership expert once said, “95% of American managers today say the right thing … 5% actually do it.” On every front, poor leadership is destroying companies. Unnecessary turnover of employees and disengaged employees, costs companies billions of dollars each year. People don’t leave companies, they leave bosses: 46% of employees leave their job because they did not feel appreciated while 75% of employees listed their immediate boss as the most stressful part of their job. But, the reverse of this, smart, shrewd, wise, astute, great leaders have found that happy employees are 31% more productive and 56% better at sales.

Great leaders make people believe in themselves, feel good about working for the company and most importantly, feel special about being chosen to work there. There is nothing better than making someone feel special. There is nothing better than telling someone you believe in their talent. There is nothing better than letting someone know just how excited you are to have them working for you.

Great leaders know that how you treat your employees is how they will treat your customers and associates. If you want first-class employees, then treat them first-class. Employees will go out of their way to do more, deliver more, help more, innovate more, take on more responsibilities when they are treated with respect and high regard.

What are you doing to make your employees feel first-class? If you can’t answer that question, you have a problem AND you are putting time, effort and money training someone who will eventually leave and possibly end up working for your competition. When you think about your employees’ needs instead of your own, the success of your business will take care of itself. If you show them that you are concerned about them advancing in their career, then they will help your company prosper; by helping them to succeed, they will help you succeed. Your relationship will grow and the need to micromanage will never be a concern.