Whether you need new tires or your car needs a tune up, Melvin’s Tire Pros & Auto Service Center is the place to go! In 1974, Jim Melvin left his job at Firestone, purchased a Texaco gas station in Framingham, MA, and opened his own station. At the age of 13, Jim Melvin Jr. started working for his father, pumping gas, changing tires, and performing oil changes. After that, the rest was history.

Both Jim and his father are past presidents of the New England Tire and Service Association. They were also on the Board of Directors for the National Tire Dealers & Retreaders Association and the Tire Industry Association. Currently, Melvin is the president of the National Retail Tire Network. Being this active in the industry makes Jim a real “Tire Pro,” and our Expert of the Month!

At Melvin’s Tire Pros & Auto Service Centers, they do it all! Melvin stresses that they’re “not just tires,” because they do complete automotive service and repairs. With over 57 technicians employed, they handle everything from state inspections, oil changes, tune ups, diagnostic checks, brakes, wheel alignments, transmission problems, and complete tire service.


Melvin’s Tire Pros & Auto Service Center

Jim Melvin Jr. (right) with a few of his best guys.

Melvin’s Tire Pros

What makes them stand out from all the other places that fix cars? Here at Melvin’s, they excel on focusing on their customers. Every technician is trained to focus on two things: fix the cars and take care of the customers. If you bring your car in with a problem, Melvin can promise you that they are “going to fix your problems, or we’ll die trying”. He wants to give his customers the opportunity to have their cars serviced, without trying to sell them products or repairs they don’t need.

When asked what he likes best about working with us, Melvin was quick to answer. He states, he likes working with a local company because he likes “the concept of knowing that someone cares.” When working with big companies, you’re just a number, but at IT Support RI we “legitimately care if I have a problem or not”. Melvin continued saying “I appreciate everything you guys do. You come through for us in spades, and that’s why we’re with you”.

If you would like to learn more about Melvin’s Tire Pros & Auto Service Centers, visit them online at www.tireprosri.com/. Not only can you find the phone numbers for all four store locations on the website, but you can also schedule a repair appointment, buy tires, find coupons, and more.