When people think of manufacturing, most of them imagine a dirty, steel workshop filled with brute men in hard hats and hand torches. While the hard hats part is true (because safety is extremely important), the rest is not necessarily accurate. The manufacturing field is a highly competitive area. However, Liora Stone was able to make a complete life change when she made the switch as a registered nurse to a contract manufacturer. Now, almost 30 years later, her extremely successful, woman owned business is thriving in a field that is primarily male dominated. With her passion to learn and to care for others, she is not only the president and owner of Precision Engineering but is also our “Expert of the Month”!

Precision Engineering was established in 1988 by both Liora and her husband, Peter. When they first started out, Liora was a registered nurse, mother of two, and also doing most of the paperwork for the business. She came to the realization that if the business was to succeed, she would have to commit to the company fully. Now, Precision Engineering is a contract manufacturer that makes sheet metal parts for different automated systems, like computers and robots. Liora not only believes in enriching her business environment but also the community and industry. She is a member of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International and the local Chamber of Commerce. She also promotes programs for students to visit the factory and learn how subjects like geometry, chemistry, physics, programming, and robotics are applied daily in real life situations.

She uses innovation and invests in new technology to expand the company’s offerings. With a keen eye for details and an ear for suggestions, Liora continues to improve her business while still focusing on overall quality. “Our clients are only as good as the parts we supply,” Stone said. “We have to be successful for them to be successful.” Her dedication to people has never faltered, whether it be in nursing or as a manufacturing leader.

We asked Liora about how she felt working with our team over the years. “You are more like partners than contractors or vendors. We’re on a first name basis and you’re like an extension of our team. You are the first people we think of whenever there is an IT problem,” Stone expressed.

Precision Engineering has their corporate headquarters at 29 Industrial Drive in Uxbridge, MA. You can also visit their website at www.precisionengineering.com or shoot an email to contact@precisionengineering.com.

Liora Stone