Some doctors’ offices leave you feeling like you’re just a number. You sit around, wait forever, and then you’re rushed through an appointment with someone who might not be your doctor. At Rhode Eyeland, Dr. Jacqueline Boisvert and her staff work hard to avoid this feeling. We’ve selected Dr. Boisvert as our Expert of the Month because she creates connections with her patients while improving their eyesight.

Rhode Eyeland was founded in 2014 by owner and optometrist Dr. Jacqueline Boisvert. With over 15 years of experience serving the local community, Dr. Boisvert decided to try something different and go out on her own. Interested in working in the healthcare field, Dr. Boisvert wanted to help patients improve the quality of their lives.

Rhode Eyeland is a family oriented eyecare practice, that sees everyone of all ages. They do everything from performing eye exams to selling glasses and even remedying ocular emergencies. If they can’t help you, they can make sure you see the correct specialist.

Dr. Boisvert believes that her practice’s strongest asset is the size because it allows her staff to be familiar with their patient base. The staff works with their patients one-on-one, to ensure they are receiving the proper care. Dr. Boisvert doesn’t want her patients to feel like they need to take a number and wait; she wants to provide personal, hands-on treatment while creating connections with everyone.

When we asked what she likes about working about with us, Dr. Boisvert stated that we have a lot of “the same [qualities] that I like about my practice.” She knows that with us, her practice isn’t a number. Our entire team knows who she is, is familiar with her office and can easily review her account for any projects or problems. Overall, Dr. Boisvert really enjoys our response time and our services!

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Boisvert and Rhode Eyeland, give them a call at 401-262-0042 or visit their website

Dr. Jacqueline Boisvert
Rhode Eyeland