Soucy Insurance

Like many small businesses in Rhode Island, Soucy Insurance Agency is rich in history and family tradition. The company was established in 1914 by Adelard L. Soucy, who is current owner David Soucy’s grandfather. Adelard Soucy represented Woonsocket in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, and was even elected as the mayor of Woonsocket. After years of being a respected leader, he decided that it was time to give back to his community. He started his business small, offering general services for insurance, real estate and also as a notary public. Now, years later and under the eye of third generation owner David Soucy, the company has transformed from a one-room home business into a thriving agency.

Staying true to Adelard’s desire to give back, the agency still gets involved in the community. Soucy Insurance Agency works closely with the Museum of Work and Culture, Beacon Charter School, and various youth sports organizations. With their level of commitment and dedication to not only their clients, but also their community, the entire team at Soucy Insurance Agency are our Experts of the Month.

The Soucy Insurance Agency is a full-scale insurance agency that does it all! They cover everything from “Ma and Pa shops” to big businesses. There isn’t anything that they can’t or don’t do. When asked what sets Soucy Insurance apart from other insurance companies, Senior Account Executive Michael Beaulieu believes it’s their ethics. The team goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients’ needs because they realize that “not all clients are the same.” Michael added that they try to “find out what the client wants, and then deliver on that.” They also firmly believe in being honest with their clients, making sure they get the right coverage for what they need.

With the team at Soucy, you’re not just a number. The agents try to develop personal relationships, not strictly business ones. They’re not working 9-5 days; they work on their off time and vacations to help a client in need. Michael jokes, “You can do business with any agency, but if you do business with us, you get me.”

When asked about working with the team at SNECS, the praise was endless! “We love absolutely everything,” General Manager Debbie Zinck laughs, “absolutely everything!” She continued, “We’re busy with everything we try to do for our clients. It’s nice to be able to put in a ticket and walk away from it!” But Debbie didn’t stop there. “It has really changed our life, because there’s so much we don’t deal with now. Since we’ve been involved with SNECS, we’ve had absolutely no downtime.” Debbie concluded, “We certainly appreciate everything that you’ve done for us.”

If you would like to learn more about the Soucy Insurance Agency, you can email or visit them online at You can also call them directly at 401-762-2218.