Altar of Saint Mary of Cranston

In 1922, Reverend Cesare Schettini began leading two masses in the basement of the original St. Ann’s Church in Cranston. By 1925, Bishop William A. Hickey officially formed a separate parish for these Italian-speaking Catholics. With Father Schettini officially in charge of the new parish, St. Mary’s was placed under the patronage of Santa Maria della Civita.

Father Schettini worked tirelessly to establish the parish and lay the foundation for the St. Mary’s School, convent, and the church itself. For almost 100 years, St. Mary’s Church stands as a reminder of Father Schettini’s crowning achievement in his career. Today, Father Ledoux oversees St. Mary’s and the parishioners of all ages. The team at St. Mary’s Church of Cranston is our new Expert of the Month because they make it their mission to share their vibrant faith and help others in their community.

Office manager Donna DiTraglia feels that their biggest accomplishment is that they strongly believe in the power of community and coming together. She loves knowing that the parish members have a place where they can gather, share their stories, learn, and grow together. At St. Mary’s, the parish members have a place where they know they belong. The staff finds joy in helping the members with whatever they need when they come through the door.

St. Mary’s also holds several fundraising events to help make a difference in the lives of people in the community. One of their recent fundraising events was the “Lunch Bag Mission,” where members of the parish donated items, packed lunchboxes, and then donated them to surrounding shelters.

Saint Mary Church

Saint Mary’s Church in Cranston, RI 

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To see a schedule of mass times or to learn more about St. Mary’s and the sacraments they offer, visit their website The team at St. Mary’s invites everyone to join one of their masses and meet the deacon or priests after the service! You can also email or call 401-942-1492 and they’ll answer any questions you may have!