Paul Areson of Supreme Dairy Farms

Originally founded in 1932 by Italian immigrant Thomas Bruzzese, Supreme Dairy Farms is one of the few family-oriented and locally owned food distributors in New England. Current owner Paul Areson purchased the business in 2006, from the same gentlemen who ran the company in the 1940’s. Because he has maintained Supreme Dairy Farms’ reputation for quality and service, we’ve selected Paul to be our Expert of the Month!

Having worked in the corporate world for over 30 years, Paul decided it was time to try something new—and that’s when he found Supreme Dairy Farms. Paul laughs that he had no “applicable experience whatsoever” in the field, but he was interested in the company. However, having always enjoyed cooking and food, Paul kept coming back to Supreme because he thought it was a great opportunity.

Paul prides his company on giving the customers what they want, when they want it. Unlike most big companies that only want to sell their brand, Supreme Dairy Farms works to give customers a variety of products, so they can find exactly what they’re looking for. Paul states that “in the end, if you don’t provide value to somebody, they’re going to go somewhere else.” Paul and his team go the extra mile to help their customers because he knows that everyone “values what we do and more importantly how we do it. This allows us to remain in business and continue to grow.”

When we asked Paul what he liked about working with us, he admitted that “our relationship with SNECS has been excellent.” His reasons were direct and to the point. He likes our responsiveness and how skilled our team is. Working with a variety of companies, Paul places a “high premium on being responsive and making an effort” to help his business. He states, “you guys have been excellent from day one.”

He also appreciates that unlike most IT companies, we don’t nickel and dime him. Because we focus on helping Paul and his company, he feels that we’re “a part of the business, as opposed to being another vendor.”

Their warehouse, located at 171 St. Augustin St. in Woonsocket, is open to the public. Unlike most wholesale stores, you don’t need a membership to shop there! If you want to learn more about Supreme Dairy Farms visit their website at, or call them at (401) 739-8180.