In the battle against substance abuse, three people are at the forefront trying to help those that are ready for change. Owner and CFO Ann Baccari, owner and chairman Ken Richardson, and president and CEO Thomas Hill are determined to provide their patients with the top-quality care and treatment they deserve. Because they’re dedicated to their patients, we’ve chosen them as our Experts of the Month!

The Journey to Hope, Health, & Healing is a full-service outpatient recovery center for those that struggle with addiction. Originally known as the Center for Behavioral Health, the center was founded in 1987. Having worked behind the scenes at over 30 clinics, brother-sister duo Ann Baccari and Ken Richardson knew exactly what it took to start and successfully run a clinic. Ann and Ken decided to purchase this practice six years ago.

At The Journey to Hope, Health, & Healing, they take care of everyone that battles addiction. What makes them different from other facilities? The Journey is a certified Center of Excellence by the Rhode Island Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH). Currently, there are five opioid treatment programs in Rhode Island, and only two have been designated as a Center of Excellence. Tom Hill states they are an extremely thorough practice that focuses on “providing care that is essential” to their patients.

The Journey’s main goal is to break away from the stigma that is associated with most treatment centers. They want to add that “local, Rhode Island touch” and make patients feel comfortable when they walk in. Tom believes that “healing takes place when you walk into an environment that embraces you.” At The Journey, they strive to be the best because everyone deserves the best.

When asked what they like best about working with us, they were full of compliments. Ann stresses that our “team is wonderful,” she continues, “no matter what time of the day I call, no matter who I get, they are wonderful. They patiently listen to me, and they solve my problems.” Both Ann and Tom agree that our customer service is the best. When compared to other agencies they’ve dealt with over the years, Tom believes that our “customer service is unparalleled.”

The Journey to Hope, Health, & Healing currently has four locations in Westerly, Johnston, Providence, and Middletown. If you would like to learn more, visit them online at If you need immediate assistance or a family member, friend or colleague are struggling with addiction call them at 1-877-400-HOPE (4673).