8 Ways A Backup Internet Service Provider Can Benefit Your Business

In today’s fast-paced business world in 2023, the internet is the lifeblood of modern enterprises. Even a single day without a reliable internet connection can cripple your sales, disrupt your supply chain, and potentially tarnish your reputation with clients. So, what’s the solution? Introducing the answer to your connectivity woes – a Backup Internet Service Provider (ISP)

How often have you experienced this frustration – you’re on the verge of closing a major sale, urgently needing to order essential supplies, or running late for a crucial Zoom meeting, only to have your internet connection suddenly drop? We understand how maddening and potentially damaging that can be. Relying solely on a single ISP for your internet needs can be a risky proposition. Network outages, whether due to technical issues, natural disasters, or other unforeseen circumstances, can happen, and they can bring your business to a standstill

When your business loses internet connection for any reason, from a major power outage to a fault with your primary internet service provider, you’ll realize just how much your business relies on the internet for its core operations. We can conduct a small thought experiment to help contextualize just how much your business could lose in revenue when stranded without an internet connection. Just by assessing the revenue generated per hour over a week and factoring in lost productivity (those hours your employees are compensated for, but are unable to work) you’ll start to recognize the big picture of what an internet outage can cost you. It’s important to note that in addition to the lost revenue and payroll costs, such incidents can also erode the trust and reliability you’ve established with your clients and partners.


According to research conducted by Gartner, network downtime can drain a business of an average of $5,600 per minute, translating to a staggering $300,000 per hour. Of course, the impact on your business can vary based on several factors, but the potential financial toll is substantial. 

So What Can A Backup ISP Do For Your Business? A Few Perks Worth Mentioning Include:

1. Minimized Downtime:

– Say goodbye to frustrating internet outages and say hello to uninterrupted productivity 

2. Improved Redundancy:

– A backup ISP provides a safety net, ensuring your business remains connected even when the primary ISP falters

3. Enhanced Reliability:

– Count on a robust and dependable internet connection that keeps your operations running smoothly 

4. Uninterrupted Client Communication:

– Maintain seamless communication with clients, ensuring you never miss a beat

5. Load Balancing:

– Some businesses can use backup ISPs not only as a failover option, but also to balance the load on their network, ensuring optimal performance during peak usage times 

6. Disaster Recovery:

– In the event of a major disaster, such as a hurricane or severe storm, backup ISPs can ensure that your business remains connected and operational, helping you recover quickly

7. Cost-Efficiency:

– While investing in a backup ISP may seem like an additional expense, the potential cost of downtime, lost opportunities, and customer dissatisfaction far outweigh the initial investment

8. Bargaining Power:

– By utilizing multiple providers, you can negotiate more favorable terms with your primary ISP

Selecting the Right Backup ISP

When choosing a backup ISP, it’s essential to consider factors such as reliability, connection type, service level agreements, and compatibility with existing network infrastructure. A knowledgeable IT Managed Service Provider or MSP can help you assess your specific needs and guide you through the selection process.

What Makes OUR Backup ISP stand-out?

Well, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to engage in a direct conversation, either in-person or over the phone, to delve deeply into how this technology can be tailored to suit your specific needs. However, if we were to highlight one significant advantage, it would be the cloud-based operation of our backup ISP. What does this mean for you? It means you won’t be dependent on physical cables or fiber-optic connections, but instead, you’ll harness the same satellite technology employed by our mobile phones for internet service. This redundancy is your key to uninterrupted connectivity.

In conclusion, backup ISPs are the unsung heroes of business continuity. They provide the safety net your business needs to stay connected, maintain productivity, and ensure that your online presence remains uninterrupted. In a world where a reliable internet connection is paramount, investing in a backup ISP is a crucial step towards protecting your business from unexpected disruptions.

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