Toni’s State Line Power Products, LLC

At Toni’s State Line Power Products, LLC they sell and service all your outdoor power equipment. Whether you need snowblowers, chainsaws, lawn mowers of all sizes, or any yard equipment, they have it all! The entire team strongly believes in providing exceptional customer service, and for this reason the team at Toni’s State Line Power Products is our new Expert of the Month!

State Line Power Products has been in business for over 30 years. Recently, Toni Fiore took over the business and renamed it Toni’s State Line Power Products, LLC. This change is only fitting because Toni grew up in the power equipment business. Toni’s father owned a very similar shop and she spent many years working there. To Toni, working in this field feels natural because it’s in her blood.

Toni knows that their customer service sets them apart from other outdoor equipment places. As Toni puts it, “customer service is the beginning of everything they do.” Everyone strives to provide the customer with the best service and experience possible, from the second they walk in the door to when they leave.

Not only do they sell products, but they can also sell you a warranty and perform all service, maintenance, and repairs on your items. Even if you don’t buy from them, they’ll do warranty work on any item that they sell under a dealership. They even offer to pick up and drop off your equipment, especially the larger pieces that you can’t easily lift or fit into your car. The team goes above and beyond, and you know that if you need any help, they’re ready to give you a hand. Toni likes to think that “no matter what, [her and the team] have your back.”

When we asked how Toni likes working with us, she was quick to answer. “I love IT Support RI!” she continued, “anytime I’ve had a problem in the entire 6 years I’ve been working here, I call you, and the technicians take care of me. I’ve never had a problem working with the team and you’re all upstanding people. Everything you’ve done is just outstanding. You know that we’re a small business and that we need to stay working, and everyone goes a step above and beyond to make that happen.”

Toni’s State Line Power Products, LLC is located at 271 Main Street in Blackstone, MA. If you’re looking to buy new power equipment or you’re in need of repairs, stop by and say hello! You’ll be greeted by a friendly face and someone who is ready to help. If you’d like to learn more or have any questions, give them a call at (508) 883-7670. You’ll instantly feel like part of the Stateline family.