We’re proud to announce that IT Support RI has been named to Providence Business NewsTop Cybersecurity Companies! In fact, we’re in the top 15 on this list!

With the constant changes to technology and the daily development of new threats, it can be difficult to know if your company is protected. A good cyber security plan allows you to focus on preventing downtime and security breaches instead of reacting to them.

Everyday phishers, hackers, and cyber criminals are launching sophisticated attacks on businesses. Cyber criminals want one thing; information. After all, “information is power,” and what better way to get power than to steal sensitive data.

Your computer network—and the critical data it holds—needs to be secured. When it comes to protecting your business, you need to know, without any lingering doubts, that you are doing everything you can to protect your data.

At IT Support RI, we provide cyber security consulting and auditing services to businesses throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Our expert consultants use a multi-level approach towards cyber security and preventive maintenance. We work to keep your business safe from outside attacks.

When it comes to the cyber security of your office, we provide the following:

  • Security awareness training about password management, social engineering attacks, and mobile device usage.
  • “Front-line” defenses like security firewalls that inspect everything trying to bypass its way into your network. This includes having an anti-virus software built into your security firewall.
  • Routine checkups for software updates and patches for common software like Microsoft, Mac OS, Adobe, Java, etc. to minimize the chance of leaving your network open.
  • Antivirus software that specializes in the threats most common to your industry.
  • Email encryption, encrypted local and off-site backups, and encrypted virtual private networks.
  • and much more!

Our cyber security offering is just one part of our “Office Solutions” IT maintenance, support, and consultation plan. To learn more, visit www.ITsupportRIcom/cyber-security-ri/ and schedule a free Cyber Security & Risk Assessment!