VoIP Phones

Verizon has asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to retire copper phone lines and facilities throughout New England. In lieu of copper phone lines, Verizon plans to convert all copper lines to fiber cables. Verizon claims the switch to fiber cables will benefit their customers, however they’re pulling the plug and leaving some stranded! How could things get any worse? It appears that most accounts that will be affected are business customers.

What does this mean?

After Verizon makes the move to fiber cables, they will no longer service or repair any copper lines! If you use traditional copper, Verizon will no longer service your phones. This means that your phones are in danger of being shut off. Verizon should have notified you via snail mail. Unfortunately, many people are too familiar with things getting lost in the mail, never to be seen.

If you’re still using copper, you need to schedule a fiber upgrade with Verizon. During this transition, there’s also a chance that Verizon could try and bully you into altering your current plan, potentially costing you more money. Additionally, we’ve noticed that Verizon has lost an abundance of work orders for our clients regarding the upgrade or not showing up to appointments!

 Are these risks you’re willing to take?

Make the Switch to VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems offer the scalability, flexibility, enhanced features, and cost savings that traditional phone services just can’t offer. VoIP phones use an internet connection to make phone calls instead of traditional phone lines.

Switching to a VoIP phone system offers the savings you want and a great phone system you need. When compared to traditional copper lines, there are countless benefits of VoIP phones—including extra features at much lower costs.  All you need is a reliable internet connection and you’re ready to start dialing!

If you’re interested in learning more about VoIP or thinking about making the switch give us a call. We’ve helped many clients make the switch to the digital age!