Dr Sleight of Vision Associates

For almost 50 years, Vision Associates has been providing patients with quality eye care. Dr. Alan Grossman strongly believed in the phrase “make your patients come first,” and instilled this philosophy into his staff. In 1995, Dr. Grossman’s daughter, Dr. Debra Sleight joined the practice. Today, almost 25 years after his retirement, the staff still practices this philosophy. Because they are dedicated to their patients and provide each patient with the individual attention they deserve, the team at Vision Associates is our new Expert of the Month!

Vision Associates was founded in the early 1970’s by Dr. Alan Grossman. With her interest and degree in biology, studying optometry just seemed like the next, natural step for Dr. Sleight. When Dr. Grossman retired in 1998, Dr. Sleight and Dr. Ara Barsamian took over the practice.

At Vision Associates they specialize in primary eye care. They offer eye exams, complete contact lens services, diagnose ocular disease, and can satisfy all your eye glass needs. In fact, their optical shop is highly experienced because each optician has over 30 years of experience in the field.

Not only does everyone at Vision Associates love what they do, they love serving the community. Dr. Sleight’s favorite part of her job is talking to her patients. She enjoys talking to people, learning about their lives, and hearing their stories. To her, an appointment is more than just checking her patients’ eyes; it’s getting to know them while helping them. To Dr. Sleight, this is the most rewarding part of her job.

At Vision Associates, they’re excited to help you. You get a certain level of customer service and personalized attention that you can’t find at the chain stores. Vision Associates has patients who have been going there for years, as well as several generations of family members. Because they provide such extraordinary care, many of their patients started visiting when Dr. Grossman was still practicing!

Dr. Sleight is grateful that she hired us. As Dr. Sleight puts it, “everything fell together” when she met us at an optometry conference. She was the IT person in her business, and she was concerned with protecting her patients and their data. We came in and helped Dr. Sleight “move forward take the steps [they] needed” to transform the practice and get everything computerized. Overall, Dr. Sleight states that “you guys have been incredibly helpful, the support has been great, and I  couldn’t have made our transition without you!”

Vision Associates is accepting new patients, and they take a variety of health insurance providers. If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Sleight and Vision Associates, visit their website www.vamarlboro.com. The entire team hopes to see you soon!