This month, we are focusing in on Dr. Scott Colonna from Westminster Eyecare Associates. However, he is just one of the eight experts at the practice located at 891 Westminster St. in Providence. Together, he and Dr. John Ormando are the senior partners of the practice. The other doctors that make up their extensive team of specialists are Dr. Theresa Colonna, Dr. Susana Chan, Dr. Jodi Pukl, Dr. Nicholas Feucht, Dr. Alexandra Sexton, and Dr. Jennifer Le. Each doctor has their own core focus which makes their practice perfect for many types of patients. Because of their unique approach being able to provide the right doctor for each patient, Westminster Eyecare Associates are our “Experts of the Month”!

Originally, the two senior partners bought the practice in 2001 from a retiring doctor, when they were fresh out of school, graduating from the New York College of Optometry. Since then, they decided to get out into the community and turn it into a group practice. “We have 8 ODs on staff, all with different specialties. Whether it’s in pediatrics, cornea or contact lenses, specialty contact lenses, or ocular disease specialties, that’s the route we went,” says Dr. Colonna. “What makes us unique is that John and I had a mission that whether it was our staff or our patients, we wanted everyone to leave happy and satisfied with their service here.” Another convenience for their patients is that most of the staff is multi-lingual, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. “We had one doctor that went to Brown for night classes and learned Spanish just to communicate with patients better,” Dr. Colonna added.

As for “speaking the same language”, Dr. Colonna mentioned this about working with IT Support RI; “I know you guys have experience in what we’re talking about and what we’re trying to setup in the eye care industry. From our different medical instruments and software types, I know I don’t have to explain it to you.”

Located in the heart of Providence, their team is ready to help six days a week. If you are looking for more information, call them at 401-331-7850 or visit them online at; the name says it all!

Dr. Scott Colonna