The Rules and How to Participate!

IT Support RI is proud to announce our 2024 Referral Program!

From June 1st to July 1st you can earn unlimited entries in our drawing for a new $1,300 11-piece set of TaylorMade RBZ Golf Clubs by simply referring new clients to IT Support RI. The more referrals you submit that become IT Support RI Clients the more chances you have to win!

Drawing date is July 1st at 12 pm and will be announced to all participants via email and on social media, so make sure to follow our pages!

How Do You Enter?

There are four different easy ways to participate, you only need to do one of these!
1. click on this link
2. type in this url “”
3. email 
4. or call 401-340-1095

All you have to do is provide the name and contact information for the business you are referring. Once your referral becomes an IT Support RI client, you’ll receive one entry for each computer and server supported by the initial service agreement. This means the larger the referral, the more chances you have at winning the prize!


Not a current client, but still interested?

No problem! You don’t need to be one of our clients to participate in our Referral Contest and enjoy these fantastic rewards. Whether you’re a current client or not, you can refer another business and benefit from our referral program.

Here’s the best part! Even if your own business needs IT Services, you can refer yourself and reap the rewards! It’s a win-win situation – you get the expert IT Support your business needs AND the chance to earn amazing prizes!


Don’t worry! You don’t have to win the raffle to walk away with great rewards! Beyond our raffle, we are still offering our standard referral rewards.

If we are able to meet face-to-face with who you refer and complete an evaluation of their IT, you’ll receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

If that business becomes an onboarded client, you’ll also receive a $1,500 Amazon Gift Card on top of that! And even after those two gift cards, you’ll STILL be entered into our raffle which will give you the opportunity to win the $1,300 grand prize golf club set!

This means that if you refer JUST ONE business that becomes our client, you will receive $1,600 in Amazon Gift Cards GUARANTEED with the chance to win a prize worth $1,300 adding up to a grand total of a chance to walk away with $2,900! And if you refer more than just one business who becomes our client, you could easily see how the rewards quickly add up!

Double Entries for Early Birds!

Referrals made within the first 72 hours of this announcement will receive DOUBLE the raffle entries. And your referral doesn’t need to become a full client within that time frame to benefit. As long as your referral was submitted within the first 72 hours you’ll still double your raffle entries regardless if they sign on after the end of the 72 hour window.

Don’t wait – act now to increase your chances of winning!

To Quickly Sum Up The Rewards And What Is Required To Obtain Them:

1. Visit Our Referral Page:

Fill out a simple form to tell us about a business that could use our IT Support and Services.

2. Earn Rewards:

Once we complete an in-person evaluation with your referral, you’ll receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

3. Win Big:

If the referred business becomes a fully onboarded client, you’ll receive a $1,500 Amazon Gift Card and raffle entries for a chance to win the $1,300 11-piece TaylorMade RBZ Golf Clubs! And remember, any referrals submitted within the first 72 hours will have their raffle entries doubled!

Not a Golfer?

We understand that golfing isn’t for everyone. If the winner prefers, we’ll provide a cash equivalent Amazon Gift Card instead of the Golf Clubs.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Start referring your friends and colleagues today, and you could be the lucky winner of the $1,300 11-piece TaylorMade RBZ Golf Clubs or a generous Amazon Gift Card!

Have questions about the Referral Contest? Feel free to reach out to us via email at with any questions or concerns you have. You can also give us a call directly at 401-340-1095!

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