Robert Herjavec

While we were in Nashville attending Robin Robins’ 11th Annual IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp, we listened to numerous guest speakers. One of the guest speakers was Shark Tank star and IT expert Robert Herjavec. In 2003, Herjavec founded the Herjavec Group, which quickly became one of North America’s fastest growing IT companies. Today, the company is a global leader in the IT industry.

In his session “Discover the Secrets To Growing A Multimillion-Dollar MSSP From ‘Rags To Riches,’” Robert Herjavec discussed many aspects of his life, his company, and his success. He often shares his expertise with entrepreneurs and IT companies alike.

When he first started his journey into IT, he had no customers, no resources, and no money. He dealt with many issues that most managed service providers face. Not only does he know what challenges many IT companies go through, and he knows exactly what to do so they can succeed.

We hope that listening to Robert Herjavec will give us an edge in the managed services field. After all, if we want to be the best IT company, we need to learn from the best!

Robin Robins and Robert Herjavec