Ahoy Mateys!

I’m going to spin ye a tale full of excitement, pirates, treasure, and…learning?

Recently, we sailed down to Nashville, Tennessee to board Captain Robin “Arr Arr” Robins ship, the U.$.$. Redhead. With treasure map in hand, we set sail, and X-marks the spot, we found the 11th Annual IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp! We joined over 900 IT companies and Managed Service Providers Pirates to hear the tales that Captain Robin and her salty sea dogs had to tell.

For those that don’t know, Robin Robins is the IT industry’s most in-demand marketing consultant, sales trainer, and author.

This year, Robin’s Boot Camp was pirate-themed and focused on cyber security! We spent the week focusing on how to protect our clients’ booty—meaning their data, assets, and networks.

We listened to numerous guest speakers such as former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss, infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick, and Shark Tank star and cyber security specialist Robert Herjavec.

At boot camp, the greatest treasure we found wasn’t a chest filled with gold doubloons or priceless gems. The most valuable treasure was the opportunity to learn plenty of new sales and marketing tactics from Captain Robins herself. We can take this treasure and we can improve our company and our entire team.

With Robin Robins’ tips and lessons, we hope to continue achieving great feats as a company, while growing an impressive fleet of clients.

When we had to walk the plank—or rather when we had downtime, we were able to explore some of Nashville. Unfortunately, the New England weather also traveled to Nashville with us. It actually snowed while we were there!

Overall the 11th Annual IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp was a success! We had a great time, and we’re glad we were able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

11th Annual IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp
11th Annual IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp

Check out some of our pictures from our trip!