Quiz Yourself On What You Know About Windows 11!

Over the last three blogs, we’ve discussed the latest Windows 11 release and what it means for security and HIPAA compliance. In this post, we’ll summarize what we’ve discussed and then see how much you remember with a ten-question quiz!

The Release of Windows 11 

In June of 2021, Microsoft announced the next-generation edition of its Windows operating system, Windows 11. The full version has been available since the 5th of October and contains a whole host of new features that Microsoft hopes users will appreciate. One thing that many looked forward to is being able to download Android apps on a PC. Another exciting element is its design. Windows 11 looks clean and slick and much more similar to a Mac interface. Time will tell as to whether users like this.

windows 11 release

Windows 11 and Security

Given that Windows 10 is now nine years old, a new Windows operating system will be much better in terms of security. The basic requirements for installing and running the OS are so high that many users cannot use it with their current device. However, Microsoft will support Windows 10 until October of 2025, so people needn’t panic just yet.

Windows 11 and HIPAA

For many organizations, HIPAA is important, and they’re keen to know whether Windows 11 will be HIPAA compliant. When Windows 10 was released, it wasn’t HIPAA compliant; however, it now is – and will remain so until support stops in another year. Windows 11 should be HIPAA compliant, the new security features mean that it will likely be the safest and most secure operating system out there

Should you upgrade?

While there are people who will be wary of upgrading – and rightly so given Microsoft’s past disasters with Windows Vista and Windows 8 – it’s still likely to be something that everyone will have to do with time, especially given the age of Windows 10. However, there is no rush. Windows 10 will continue to receive updates until it officially reaches end of life.

Quiz Time!

How much can you remember from our blog series on Windows 11? It’s time to test your knowledge!

1. When was Windows 11 released in full?
a) 3rd October b) 4th October c) 5th October

2. How many Android apps will be available to download?
a) almost 300,000 b) almost 500,000 c) almost a million

3. Where will you find Microsoft Teams?
a) in the Windows OS directly b) you’ll need to download it c) on the desktop

4. What are snap layouts?
a) window arrangements b) customizable menus c) different virtual desktops 

5. When will Microsoft stop supporting Windows 10?
a) it has already stopped b) end of 2022 c) Oct 2025

6. How many signals has Microsoft used to plan its security?
a) 1 million b) 8 trillion c) 10 billion

7. How much RAM must a machine have to be able to run Windows 11 properly?
a) 3GB b) 4 GB c) 5GB

8. How much storage must a device have to be able to run Windows 11 properly?
a) 64GB b) 128 GB c) 526 GB

9. What does HIPAA stand for?
a) High processing accuracy act b) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act c) High Ignition Price and Accuracy act

10. Which version of Windows has had its support suspended recently?
a) Windows 7 b) Windows 8 c) Windows 10

Answers: c-b-a-a-c-b-b-a-b-a

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